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This Week

MONDAY -11/24/14

VITAL CONNECTION                              10:05AM

With Rev. Bill Campbell

Click here to view The Vital Connection Web Page

PANTHER TALK SHOW                            8:00PM



TUESDAY 11/25/14

COMMUNITY NEWS & VIEWS                  8:10am

(Carolyn Serrano & Bessie Bright

w/ Hvl Merchants Association)

LARRY FEDORA SHOW                           7:00PM


WEDNESDAY - 11/26/14

TAR HEEL BASKETBALL                         11:00AM

PRIMETIME IN THE ACC                       7:00PM



THURSDAY - 11/27/14

COMMUNITY NEWS & VIEWS               8:10am

(Thanksgiving program - "Over the

River & Thru thwe Woods))

 (no Mountaineer Talk Show tonight)
TAR HEEL BASKETBALL                     12:00Noon
(battle 4 Atlantis)


FRIDAY - 11/28/14

TAR HEEL BSKETBALL                       3:30PM

(battle 4 Atlantis)




SATURDAY - 11/29/14

 TAR HEEL FOOTBALL                       11:30AM

(vs. NC State)


SUNDAY 11/30/14

 PANTHER FOOTBALL                     12:00 Noon

(vs. Minnesota Vikings)