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Randy Houston

Morning Show Host



Randy Houston is a familiar voice in Western North Carolina, having worked in many different positions in radio for over four decades.

You've heard his voice on radio and television, advertising for all kinds of products and services over the years. In his different capacities, he has been a news reporter, an account executive, a sales manager, General Manager and Owner of broadcast properties. 
By joining the WHKP RADIO 'on air team', Randy has seen his career come 'full circle'.....back to what lured him into the business in the beginning, working behind the microphone.

A friend recently commented about Randy that "radio is in your DNA." It is indeed his passion, so let him get your morning going a few times and you'll understand.

Randy lives in South Asheville and has one daughter, Sarah who resides in Raleigh.


Phone: 828-693-9061