Based on the long-term average, Hendersonville should be receiving close to five inches of total precipitation in the month of February. 4.76 inches of precipitation, which includes rain, sleet, melted snow, etc. is our "average" for the month. But this year, Hendersonville received less than half the normal amount. In fact, this year's total precipitation for January was only 2.20 inches.

That total, by the way, included the two and a half inches of snow measured at Broadcast House on February 13th...and the trace that fell a day later.

The monthly precipitation totals are observed and recorded at WHKP, Hendersonville's official "weather observation station" for the National Weather Service. And the long-term averages are based on daily weather records for Hendersonville that date back to 1898.

The month of March is typically a "wet" month, with an average total of over 4 inches of precipitation of precipitation for the month.