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Fundraising is no walk in the park, but that didn't keep Mills River Town Council from tackling some tough issues about fundraising for Mills River Park last Thursday night.  Key items for discussion included recommendations from the Town’s Park Committee. Those recommendations impact how the nonprofit, Mills River Recreation Foundation, pursues funding for future phases in the park.

“Mills River Recreation Foundation is a nonprofit separate from the Town created to fund-raise for the Mills River Park future phases.  We have been generating ideas for how to raise money in support of the park this summer, but we wanted to make sure that the methods we use would be acceptable to the Town so that our partnership is able to better benefit the community,” Mills River Recreation Foundation President, Jollene Austin said. 

The Mills River Park Committee made two key recommendations about fundraising that were considered at the Town Council meeting and supported by Council.  The first was in support of having commercial sponsor-ships in the park.  The second was not to allow fundraising events in the park that include alcohol.  The park rules currently prohibit alcohol and tobacco use in the park.

“The Town’s Park Committee is charged with making recommendations to Council about anything park related.  We highly value their advice on how we make use of and plan for the park.  Our Town Council sought their guidance in these decisions so that they could better inform Mills River Recreation Foundation on their fundraising strategies.  Ultimately, all three groups have the same goal of seeing the park develop for our citizens,” Mills River Town Manager Jamie Laughter said. 

The Mills River Recreation Foundation is encouraging any individual, business or organization with fundraising ideas or opportunities for the park to contact Jollene Austin at (828) 699-7575

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