Even though filing for the 2018 elections does not start until February, change is definitely coming to county commission district 4.

Commissioner Tommy Thompson announced on Monday he will not be running for another term and he released the following statement Monday morning:

"After eight years as County Commissioner and thirty two years as Clerk of Superior Court, I have decided to retire. I will therefore not be running for re-election as your County Commissioner for District 4 in the 2018 election. I am truly grateful for the relationships and friendships I have developed while serving Henderson County. My intentions are to continue serving Henderson County which I dearly love through my church and the civic organizations in which I am currently involved. I would like to thank the citizens of Henderson County for placing their trust in me as both their Clerk of Superior Court and County Commissioner. Most of all, I would like to express my deepest thanks to my wife Sherry and our children T. C. and Amanda and their families for their years of continued and loving support. I feel very fortunate to have represented the citizens of this county."

Tim Griffin, who Thompson narrowly defeated in the last primary election for tht county commission seat, has already announced he will be a candidate for that seat again.

Thompson retired years ago as an elected and long-serving Clerk of Superior Court in Henderson County.

Even though there has been no official announcement yet, it is rumored that Commission Chairman Michael Edney will likely seek re-election in 2018.  And there is no official word yet on whether Commissioner Bill Lapsley will seek another term in 2018.  Commissioners Hawkins and Meser both were re-elctedd two years ago and won't be up for re-election until 2020.

Commissioners became controversial in recent years over the new Hendersonville High School campus, an attempt to take control from Hendersonville of its water department, and for their support for a $20 milion law enforcement training facility..