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Seven Falls Developer Wants To Be Released On Bond


In federal custody now as a flight risk, convicted Seven Falls swindler Keith Vinson is attempting to be released on bond.

The Hendersonville Times-News is reporting the state’s case against Seven Falls developer Keith Vinson has been delayed while attorneys discuss possible plea deals.

Vinson remains in federal custody after he was determined to be a flight risk and found guilty of 13 federal fraud and conspiracy charges in U.S. District Court on Oct. 17. He is fighting for his release.

Vinson has not yet been sentenced for his federal charges. On Jan. 14, he asked the court for more time to file a motion that would cite additional evidence to rebut the court’s flight-risk presumption.

A motion, filed through his lawyer, Matthew Orso, states that information used by the government at the bond hearing was “simply evidence of an investment scam” to which Vinson fell victim, “not evidence of overseas funds indicating a flight risk.”

The motion asks the court to give them until Jan. 20 to show Vinson’s “lack of assets or income... before rendering a decision on Mr. Vinson’s status.”

In the state case, Vinson faces 72 counts of defrauding in an attempt to obtain money and three counts of terminating group health insurance without notice. He was scheduled to appear in Henderson County Superior Court on Monday, but the case was postponed, according to District Attorney Greg Newman.

Vinson, 55, of Arden is accused of withholding money from his employees’ paychecks for health insurance premiums that went unpaid. The health plans, which covered employees of Vinson’s company Tradition LLC, were canceled.