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 Sheriff Charlie McDonald speaks at a news conference.

 Henderson County Sheriff Charlie McDonald faced the area news media in a press conference Saturday morning as a major story developed early in the weekend involving a Henderson County sheriff’s deputy…

 27-year old Deputy Daniel Lindsey, a school rersource office at Balfour Educational Center, was arreated just after midnight early Saturday morning at his resident in Mountain Home.
Lindsey was charged with three felony counts of having sex with a student.
Daniel Lindsey
      Daniel Lindsey
Chief Deputy Frank Stout said early Saturday morning that officers first learned of the allegations about 5:15 Friday afternoon and an investigation was started immediately.  Lindsey was arrested without incident about seven hours later.
Henderson County Sheriff Charlie McDonald called a press conference at the Law Enforcement Center for 11am Saturday morning to explains the charges and to answer questions.
McDonald told reporters the charges involve only one student at the Balfour Educational Center and as of Saturday, there was no evidence of any other students being involved.  McDonald did emphasize that the department’s investigation is on-going and he said additional charges again Lindsey are anticipated.
The sheriff said Lindsey had been employed by the department since September 2008…but he was fired immediately at the time of his arrest just after midnight early Saturday morning.  After being charged, Lindsey was transported to the Transylvania County jail under $45 thousand bond…and in his press conference Saturday, McDonald said he understood that Lindsey had posted that bond and had been released.  The sheriff said Saturday he had no idea where Lindsey was after posting bond.
McDonald said he expects Lindsey will be making a first appearance in court early in the week…probably on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.
The sheriff said the investigation late Friday was handled in-house by the sheriff’s department and the SBI had not been called in.  McDonald said the idea was to move as quickly as possible with the investigation, with no delays.
When asked about the department’s policy regarding school resource officers, McDonalkd said nothing is foolproof…but the integrity of the sheriff’s department is intact.  He said the department has a policy in place to over-see the school resource oficers to be sure nothing like this happens…and he said this will result in an immediate look back to review that policy.  "You can’t go through something like this and say there is nothing to be learned or changed….background checks and polygraphs are very much a part of what we do.”, said McDonald..The sheriff said he had talked with top county school officials earlier on Saturday and was keeping them fully informed on the investigation.
That press conferenc on Saturday was attended by all major media in the western Carolinas…and took the better part of an hour.  Many on the department’s staff had been up all night and through the early morning hours Saturday working on the on-going investigation.  
By WHKP News Director Larry Freeman
Updated at 3:30pm Saturday January 18, 2014