Helga Sandburg Crile died at her home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on Sunday evening after a period of failing health, her family announced today. Mrs. Crile was 95.

Born Nov. 24, 1918, in Illinois, Mrs. Crile was the youngest of three daughters born to poet and historian Carl Sandburg and Lilian Steichen Sandburg, sister of the photographer Edward Steichen. 

According to a biographical sketch written by her daughter, Paula S. Polega of Hendersonville, Helga Sandburg would become the only one of the three Sandburg sisters to marry. She and her first husband, Joseph Thoman, had two children, John Carl and Paula.

Mrs. Polega provided the following information about her mother:

Mrs. Crile spent most of her childhood in Elmhurst, Ill., and then in Harbert, Mich., about 90 miles from Chicago. Great political and literary figures came to visit her family, and she began her own literary career typing manuscripts for her father in the loft room of a barn at the family’s small farm in Harbert. Her father dedicated several books to her and wrote poems in her honor.

In 1945, divorced from her first husband, Helga Sandburg moved with her parents, her sisters, and her two children to Connemara in Flat Rock. There she and her mother operated a dairy goat farm while her father continued to write and publish.