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Henderson County Commissioner J. Michael Edney announced Tuesday that he will seek re-election to the District 1 seat he has held since 2010.

Edney, who also held the District 5 seat from 1988 to 1996, said his primary reason for seeking another term is to “keep Henderson County at the forefront in Western North Carolina in the areas of emergency services, education, jobs and healthcare.”

“In spite of the economic downturn, we have made great strides in all areas as promised in 2010,” Edney said. “We have accomplished much without increasing taxes or spending the county's savings, and I am ready to embrace the work needed repeat that statement four years from now.”

Edney cited several examples of fulfilled promises during his current term in office:

• Expansion of EMS, reducing emergency response times.

• Updating the 911 call center and system to ensure the best emergency communications possible.

• Funding the public education system “at the highest level in its history, while giving the elected school board broad discretion as to how they spend those funds.”

• Promotion and support of new and existing industries, resulting in over $161 million dollars in new investment and over 600 new, high-paying jobs for Henderson County.

• Creation of the Henderson County Agribusiness Development group, which promotes economic development in the county's farming community.

In addition, Edney said he was proud that during his tenure, county-owned Pardee Hospital developed a management relationship with the University of North Carolina hospital system and medical school, becoming nationally recognized for its quality medical service.

Another point of pride for Edney was the relationship developed between the county and Wingate University, as well as the enhancements to the recreational opportunities available to all ages within the county.

Edney is a Henderson County native, tracing his roots back to the very first settlers in the region in the 1780s. He is married to Lisa Mazzeo-Edney, and they have two children, Mitch and Megan. He graduated from law school in 1985 and maintains his own law practice in Hendersonville.