The treacherous conditions caused a school bus to overturn in Henderson County.


While students were on board, no one was seriously injured. One student was transported to the hospital, school officials say luckily her injuries were only minor.

Students on board when they went off the road say it was a scary experience.

Six students from North Henderson High and Apple Valley Middle were on board for the scary ride.

Michael Waycaster, student, "real scary, I mean cause the whole bus tipped over and I was sitting in the seat on the other side and kind of flew to the other side."

Bill Parker, Henderson County Assistant Superintendent, "from what I understand, minor ankle injury but they have transported that student to the hospital."

Parents rushed to the scene, surprised by what they saw.

Michael Waycaster, parent,  "when I got the news they said that they actually just run off the road, and I didn't realize till I walked up that it actually went all the way over. So it was a little scary there at the last second."

Michael's son was shaken up but okay, but a girl sitting across from him wasn't so lucky, "I kind of fell on top of her, like a bunch of people fell on top of her so, she hurt her leg pretty bad."

The bus driver, wrapped in a blanket, drove up Livingston Road with no problems.  It was the curve coming down that got tricky.

Harold Hyatt, bus driver,  "I just started sliding and it just kept a going."  Hyatt goes on to say, "the next thing I knowed I was going off the shoulder of the road."

School officials say speed was not a factor.  The highway patrol is investigating.